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Landing page is a simple straight forward website page that is designed to convert customers who clicked on your URL. Landing pages gives all details of any product or service that you are offering along with your contact details to your customers. The main goal of landing page is to increase conversions, collect e-mail addresses and increase traffic to your website. But wait, there is more. A landing page could be a thankyou page or just an event registration page also.

landing page

Are landing pages same as website?

No, a website is a collection of pages that promotes multiple products or services whereas a landing page promotes specific product or a service and is focussed to sell or promote or generate leads. A website is maintained for those businesses who have multiple product line. In that case businesses create a separate page for each product and connect all pages through by connecting the URL’s of all pages. This allows customers to know more about business and allows them to connect with the business. Whereas a landing page is specifically designed for a particular product and is suitable for businesses with single product line.

landing page
landing page

Types of landing page

Let’s see the types of landing pages

Here are few examples of landing pages

develop landing page
landing page creation
create landing page
landing page

Are landing pages effective?

Yes landing pages extremely effective

 They helps in the following ways:

  • Landing pages are conversion focussed. It is important for any business to generate more leads that ultimately get us more conversions. Landing pages are primarily focussed in that aspect.
  • Landing pages allow targeted messaging to your visitors and allows you to sell services or products by engaging your customers in easy to understand interface.
landing page
  • Landing pages data collection and tracking of your visitors. data is extremely curtail for any business. Finding the right customer at the right time is necessary to take a lead among your competitors. Through landing pages, one can receive and track people who have shown interest in the services. This helps business to convert a visitor into a customer by digital marketing campaigns.
  • Landing pages play a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of your business’s advertising campaigns. They enable you to monitor the performance of attention-grabbing headlines, thereby empowering you to create campaigns that cater to the needs of the majority of your customers.

How much time it will take to create a landing page?

It will take one day to create a landing page with Digital Pixal 

Our team on digital marketers understand your preferences and can create an astonishing landing page in 1 day that captures the attention of you and your visitors. Our primary focus is making information and services easily understandable to your visitors to increase conversions.

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At Digital Pixal, a lot of thought process in involved in making a website to provide you the most unique, assessable and apprehensive website that your visitors love.

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